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Posted by Sawk
Welcome back to L2-Infinity

Welcome back to L2-Infinity,

This server was created in 2007 and was my first real live server which was then succeeded by L2-Survival and L2-Renewal. L2-Infinity always had the aim of a pure high rate server where the farming is relatively easy and a pure pvp oriented server with gameplay customisation. The customisation include custom event or custom engine.

I decided to bring back this server to life as well, this server does not have the aim to have thousands of player like Survival or Renewal does, it's a 100% fun server where you can enjoy small/medium sized pvp in a relatively good atmosphere, no serious gameplay here. It doesn't mean you won't have competition, player in in the Renewal community are most of the time high experienced player. It's a good place to have fun or learn more about the game.

The forum might be online during this weekend depending on some external factors.

This server might be launched before L2-Renewal since the dev time is relatively reduced compared to it and more and more features will be added to L2-Infinity with time.

See you soon in game.